Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric recently had the pleasure of visiting BMS Services Ltd at their new training facility. The purpose of this innovative venue is to train new busbar installation engineers in an off-site environment prior to them attending site.

We wanted to take a moment to share our experience…

Not only did BMS Services Ltd provide a thorough and informative presentation on installation of Canalis busbar systems, but their professionalism and expertise were evident throughout our visit. We were impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to following our Canalis installation manuals, thus ensuring that Canalis busbar systems are installed to the high standards expected by our joint clients.

BMS Services Ltd provide our customers with peace of mind that their Canalis busbar system will be reliably and efficiently installed to the highest standards.

We appreciate the support and commitment that BMS Services Ltd has shown to ensuring the success of their new off-site training centre and we look forward to supporting this initiative in the future.


A spokesperson from Legrand, who delivered a presentation for the course, says, “The UK construction market is suffering from a huge skills shortages across all platforms, causing delays to projects and risks to business owners, who want to deliver a good reliable service to their customers.

I was fortunate enough, to be invited to attend a Busbar training session with BMS, where they have taken the protective approach to start a busbar installation and commissioning training programme, investing in people from various backgrounds for the future of their business. This is a great programme, which more companies should embrace, to help close the skills shortage gap in the UK market”.


BMS Services is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive new training course aimed at addressing the pressing labour shortage facing the industry. The course has been specifically designed for new engineers, providing them with a comprehensive A-Z training that covers all aspects of the installation process for busbar and switchgear.

The course is a crucial step towards ensuring that installations meet the manufacturers’ installation manual and the client’s satisfaction. With many failed installs in the industry resulting from companies looking for the cheapest installations, BMS Services’ new training course is a welcome development that guarantees quality and reliability.

We had the pleasure of attending the course ourselves and were thoroughly impressed with the level of detail covered. From bare routes to installing anchors into concrete and identifying the required supports, the course equips engineers with the knowledge and skills required to tackle any installation project.

As a leading brand in the industry and the original IP68 Case Resin Busbar manufacturer, Eta-com is proud to support this proactive approach by BMS Services towards addressing the labour shortage in the industry. With no recognized industry standard for installing busbar and switchgear, BMS Services’ training course is a critical step towards ensuring the future of quality installations that will last for years to come.

We wish BMS Services every success with this new initiative and offer our continued support towards this essential course.

David Hookins (General Manager UK & Ireland)

Busbar Solutions

I was personally delighted to receive an invitation to the training course that BMS were running and even more so when I was offered the opportunity to share a learning session with the course attendees and their instructor. The training that they had received prior to my joining had clearly been thorough and exhaustive. This meant we could focus in detail on specific aspects of the installation of Busbar systems as we as the possible problems and pitfalls that they might encounter in the field.

We concluded the session with a highly interactive Q&A session that demonstrated to me both interest in the process of Busbar installation and testing as well as the quality of the training that they were receiving.

Well done to BMS on this initiative, hopefully we will be invited back soon for the next course.