Ahmad Emjali

Dear Carol,

It was my pleasure to be one of the people trained in the training on installing electric busbars, which was set up by the BMS Service Company, and some of what was provided to us was mentioned, but not limited to, working in confined areas and heights and training on safety laws and principles in force in Britain.

This training was the first door to entering the world of electric busbars and getting acquainted with their types, places of installation, method of installation, torque, examination and delivery. Among the course, which drew me to it a lot, is the good spirit between the work personnel on both sides who are trained with understanding and commitment, and the BMS management of arranging and preparing for the course as if you are in a real project. And one of the most important lessons learned in this course was in addition to what was previously, that you have a family of engineers to install busbars, good management and collective spirit, which is what anyone must reach in order for the workplace to be psychologically healthy before It is a place to give the best physical and mental effort and strength.

Therefore, I believe, and I am sure, that this training, in all respects, has been very successful.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this training, especially Mr. Dan Blake, who was a reference by virtue of his good experience in this field and his continuous advice.

Thanks, and regards

Ahmad Emjali

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